Maria Tenders Her Apology To Angel’s Dad Over The Harsh Words She Used In Describing His Daughter

Reality TV Star, Maria Chike, has tendered her apology to Angel’s Dad for the harsh words she used in describing his daughter in the executive lounge.

Maria approached Angel’s Dad as she apologized for slut-shaming her and noted that she miscommunicated everything she said about her.

In response, Angel’s Dad who seemed unbothered about the issue, told her he holds no grudges against her for her harsh statement.

Maria had in a conversation with Nini and Peace in the exclusive lounge; when she insinuated that Michael sees Angel as a ‘prostitute.’

During the show in the executive lounge, Maria said Angel flirts with boys in the house, adding that she doesn’t respect the ‘girl code’.

She also talk-thrashed Angel, condemning her behavior and adding that she had the dirtiest, nastiest lady parts.

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