Meet 7 years old onyinyechi, A girl with a natural contact lens who was discovered by Toyi lawani

The fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has taken to her Instagram page to share stunning photos of a 7 years old young girl, who is having a unique eyes color.

In the News, the Contact lenses are often used as a fashion accessory to change the color of the iris. Fashionable ladies fix lashes and contact lenses to enhance their look and beauty. While women dye their hair as well.

This elegant damsel is blessed with natural contact lenses and golden hair that women paid a lot of money to have. Oyinyechi is an adorable little girl that was discovered by Toyin Lawani and her husband, Segun Wealth.

The man followed her home and discovered that she lives in a shanty located in Ajah axis in Lagos, with her parents and two other sisters.

She looks different from her siblings, she was born with natural contact lenses and golden colored hair. The photographer claimed that her eye color changes depending on the type of lighting around her.

The entrepreneur and her husband pleaded with the girl’s parents to have a photoshoot session with her and they agreed. They believe that she is born to be great and not to live in an uncompleted building.

Hence, they have provided decent accommodation for her parents after their shanty home was demolished by the government. They plan to make her a model and help her siblings as well.

The girl is indeed beautiful because the most important aspect of a dress is the person that is wearing it.

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