Moment, Saga Revealed To Nini The Secret Task He Recieved From Biggie To Avoid Her For One week with The Reward of 200 BB Token

BBNaija season 6 housemate, Saga has revealed the secret task he received from Biggie to his co-housemate and love interest, Nini.

It can be recalled that Biggie gave Saga a secret task on Tuesday, Sept 14, to start a fight and ignore Nini till next Sunday and if he successfully carries out the task, he would be rewarded with 200 BB token.

Since the show began, the 28-year-old old engineer has been been attached to Nini as he follows her around and spends almost every waking moment with her, so the secret task would have been a wake up call for him.

However, it appears he has forfeited the task because he has divulged the secret task to Nini and also apologized for ignoring her on Tuesday night.

He also disclosed that he went to the diary room to beg Biggie to put him out of his misery but he didn’t get any response.

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