“Mumsy Don Win Ghost Of The Year For Heaven“, Alex Ekubo to obi cubana (video)

Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo who attended Obi Cubana’s mom burial in Anambra state, has revealed what he learnt from the party.

According to
Alex Ekubo, there are three types of money, namely, Nigerian money, Igbo Money and Anambra money.

The actor, in a post via his IG page, also stated that Cubana’s mom would win the Ghost of the year award in heaven owing to how extravagant her burial ceremony was.
He wrote, “I learnt a vital lesson yesterday.
There are 3 kinds of money in this World.

There is Nigerian Money
There is Igbo Money
Then There is ANAMBRA MONEY.

You see this last one I mentioned.
If skin no full, no put body.

Pùta Dia… 💸

@obi_cubana no worry, Mumsy don win Ghost of the year for Heaven. 🏆”

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