Nigerian Man and his girlfriend arrested in thailand for drug possession

They were apprehended in the capital, Bangkok, while shipping 490 grams of crystal methamphetamine to Australia.

The Airport Interdiction Task Force (AITF) caught the couple when they brought the drugs in a spindle photo frame and a Buddhist monk offering to a company to send to Australia.

During a search of Marisa’s residence in Ramkhamhaeng, 985 grams of meth were found in another spindle frame.

In Obimma’s house in Samut Prakan, security agents discovered 35 grams of heroin, 89 grams of meth and 82 grams of cocaine.

The duo are being held by the Narcotics Suppression Division 3.

Marisa and Obimma have been charged with illegal drug possession. Police investigation continues

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