Nollywood Actor, Zubby Michael Gives Out Money To Street Hawkers

Nigerian Ex Beauty Queen, and Actress, Dr. Krystal Okeke took to her Instagram stories section (@dr.krystal_okeke) and shared a video of Zubby Michael giving money to some kids hawking wares.

The US-based actress captioned the video “Dude is a giver”.

Krystal appeared to be in the same vehicle as him, both actors are currently filming a movie in the Eastern part of the country.

In the video, Zubby was seen counting some pieces of one thousand naira notes in the back seat of an SUV.

A group of kids who were selling cashew and groundnut stood by the window of the vehicle.

Zubby counted the kids, they were eight in number.

He said they should split the money and take five hundred naira each.

The kids were surprised as they collected the money from him, four thousand naira, and thanked him. He also paid an extra five hundred naira for the wares he bought

One of the kids wished him a safe journey before they ran off happily.

Zubby bade them goodbye.

He reposted the video on his IG stories section.

The Anambra state-born actor is known for doling out cash to his fans, including the less privileged.

May God bless him.

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