Nigerian Super star, Olamide has revealed his most embarrassing moment in the music industry

In the News, he said “I was in the studio when this senior artiste came in to record a song and he said he was hungry. Who else will he send to buy food if not me who was the youngest in the studio?

The money he gave me was not enough for his meal, so I decided to add my own money. I even used my money to pay for transportation.

“When I got back to the studio with the food, guess what this guy said to me: “Cabasa, tell this your boy to give me my change..If he wants money, he should tell me and I will give him. He should not use trick to stéal my money.

I almost got angry, but one look from ID Cabasa calmed me down. Today, the guy is one of my biggest fans and he is planning to do a song with me.”

Credit – Hip-hop ville