Priest buried alive, promised church members to resurrect like Jesus christ after 3 days

We have heard of pastors that tried to fast 40 days and 40 nights like the Lord Jesus, some of them they did manage to finish those 40 days and 40 nights, but others they tried and died along the way.

This is all that we had, the other pastors tried to walk on top of the water and they drowned, but this one is barbaric and foolish. Something that has never been heard or seen bwfore in the body of Jesus Christ.

in the News, that a man of God would ask his church members to bury him alive in the grave. He asked them to tie him and lay him in the grave. He promised them that he was going to resurrect after 3 days like the Lord Jesus, this is a total misrepresentation of gospel.

It’s however, unheard of for anybody to try and enter the grave whiles giving assurances to his followers to resurrect on the third day.

James Sakala a 22 years old overconfident priest, dressed in a pure white gown apparel like the disciples of Jesus Christ with only brown leather slippers on his feet summoned his miracle seeking congregants to witnessed the second resurrection to ever happen after that of Jesus.

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