Reaction As Nini Was Spotted Enjoying Herself In The Secret Room While Watching The housemates

There has been reactions on social media over Nini’s reactions in the secret room while watching the housemates on the screen.

The camera focused on Nini in the secret room. She was singing and enjoying her time with herself while she watched the housemates on the screen.

Nini was watching the housemates talked about her relationship with Saga.

Meanwhile, Nini’s action got a lot of comments from fans on social media.

Lekan: Nini is enjoying herself in the room. While Saga is a shadow of himself. Nini doesn’t have a bit of feeling for Saga.

Kenny: My baby girl should enjoy herself. She didn’t force herself on Saga. It was Saga’s choice to be vulnerable.

Wale: Finally, Nini has the time for herself. She should take advantage of the free time to prepare herself for the outside world.

Faith: I’m happy she finally has her breathing space. She has not been herself for weeks.

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