Reaction As Saga Was Unable To Participate In The Morning Workout Because Of Nini

Reactions as Saga was unable to participate in the early morning workouts session the morning after Nini’s sudden disappearance.

The camera focused on Saga during the morning workout session. Saga couldn’t participate in the exercise. He stood for some minutes before leaving for the seat.

The sudden disappearance of Nini is affecting Saga’s mental health. Saga left the rest of the housemates and went to sleep. This is unlike him because he is always active during workout sessions.

Meanwhile, Saga’s action got a lot of comments from fans on social media.

Michael: Love is not your mate. Saga needs to work on himself, this is just too deep.

Lisa: Love will humble you. What would be Saga’s reaction when Nini returns to her boyfriend?

Gift: Saga is a pure example of one raised with love.

Yomi: This prank would make them stronger or resets Saga’s heart.

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