Reaction Trails Online Over Queen’s Position While Washing The dishes This Morning

Queen caused a lot of reactions on social media over her position while washing the dishes.

The camera focused on Queen and WhiteMoney in the kitchen. Queen decided to wash the dishes. While she was washing the dishes, she raised one of her legs on the cabinet.

Queen raised one of her legs on the cabinet while she was washing the dishes and dancing simultaneously. Her position got the attention of WhiteMoney.

WhiteMoney couldn’t help it, he called the attention of Cross to it. They both laughed and said thank God today is Friday.

As expected, Queen’s action got a lot of comments from fans on social media.

Damilare: Queen is not serious. She got WhiteMoney confused.

Favor: Queen needs to stop. It’s time for her to be herself and stop doing things for the camera.

David: Cross wanted to go near her to show her something.

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