Reactions As Tega’s Husband Warns Nigerians Not To Address Him As ‘Tega’s Husband’ Again

Tega’s husband warns fans and Nigerians not to address him as Tega’s spouse.

Tega, the spouse of Big Brother Naija show took to Instagram to warn Nigerians against referring to him as Tega’s husband.

Please stop referring to me as Tega’s husband. I’ve been given a name. My name is Ajeboh, and I’m from Ghana. -Tega’s husband said in a statement.

Tega’s husband’s speech drew a lot of attention from Nigerians on social media, as expected.

Between him and his wife, we don’t know who is the best clout-chaser. I’m guessing he’s doing that to advertise his business.

Phillip said “You’re not Tega’s spouse, are you? You should all take a deep breath and relax. She was the one who made you famous.

Before the show, something isn’t quite right with the marriage, Salem said

In conclusion, they continue to call him Tega’s spouse

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