Reasons CSO Who Allegedly Beat And Strip Female Lawmaker Naked Should Be Called To Order

The photo of a Nigerian Lawmaker who got assaulted has really generated mixed reactions online after it went viral. Many Nigerians condemned the act, and what shocked people the most was that the alleged suspect is a Chief Security Officer. Below is a picture showing the victim:

According to reports, a lawmaker who got identified by the name Cynthia Nwala, a leader of a legislative Council in Etche Local Government Area in Rivers State, was assaulted withing the council premises. Those that assaulted her beat her up, striped her Nak3d, and destroyed a car.

The victim claimed that her assault was carried out by the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the Council, Chinedu Onyechi.

She also claimed that the CSO acted on the order of Etche Council Chairman.

In my opinion, I think this CSO should be called to order because of the following reasons:

His act is unprofessional: It is unprofessional for a CSO to assault a lady to the extent of stripping her. She did not even commit any crime worthy of such. According to her, the chairman ordered the CSO to lock the gate and assault her simply because she was about leaving the premises with the mace.

Even if she committed a crime, I think the CSO went too far with his action.

He damaged the car of the victim: If he was only trying to collect the mace, why will he go as far as damaging the glasses in the car. You need to see he damages the CSO and his workers caused to this motor. Below are some pictures showing the damages below

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