Reno Omokri Breaks Silence After Chinwetalu Agu Was Manhandled By Soildier For Wearing Biafra Dress

Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu, was Brutalised by some unidentified Nigerian soldiers in the early hours of today, 7th October, 2021.

The veteran actor was on a charitable mission before Nigerian soldiers spotted his vehicle and stopped him on the roadside. According to reports, Chiwetalu Agu was actually sharing food items to the less privileged at a town in Anambra State when this unfortunate event happened.

In a video that surfaced on social media in the early hours of today, the soldiers were spotted beating the Nigerian actor for wearing a cloth that has a Biafra symbol. Till this moment, it still remains unclear why the Nigerian soldiers decided to treat a citizen like a criminal just because he wore a Biafran Attire.

Nigerian Activist, ‍Reno omokri has felt the need to react to this situation. In a statement released on Twitter, Reno Omokri made it clear that the decision of the Nigerian soldiers to brutalise Chiwetalu Agu is unjustifiable.

In a statement released on Twitter, Reno Omokri wrote: “Miyetti Allah hold press conferences to threaten violence on Nigerians and make provocative statements to the effect that Southern Nigeria belongs to them. Soldiers and DSS don’t arrest them. Chiwetalu Agu wore a Biafran flag and was arrested. Where is the justice?”.

Whether Agu is right or wrong, this should serve as a lesson to other people out there

I know most Nigerians would feel the urge to support Chiwetalu Agu’s act. You would hear them say, “it is not a crime to wear any attire”. Whether the decision to brutalise Chiwetalu Agu is right or wrong, that doesn’t matter at the moment.

What truly matter is the fact that everyone in the Southern part of the country needs be passive in their approach to fight for an independent region. What happened to Chiwetalu Agu today, could happen to any other individual tomorrow.

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