Rogue pastor caught red handed inside A forest with one village girl busy in the act.

Drama has been witnessed in Bungoma county after one pastor was found in a forest with a village girl. As reported by “The Standard” these two were found by a herds boy who often took care of their animals while they graze in that forest.

He revealed that the two never noticed his presence at first. He started taking pictures of them and shared in the church WhatsApp group. He sent some to the pastor’s parents and church members who saw those photos got so angry about it. This is because the pastor had vowed never to engage in unnecessary relationships.
People even wanted that pastor to be summoned since doing the “act” with a young girl was misusing code of contact. It is not so clear about what church elders will do to that pastor. Maybe he will have to apologize so that people can give him another chance of preaching in their church.

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