Saga Confuses Fans With A Statement During His Media Round ‘I Did Not Cry For Nini’ The Day She Disappeared From Biggie’s House

Ex-BBNaija housemate Saga has somehow confused fans of the reality show about whether their eyes have deceived them or not.

This confusion came when Saga was answering questions during his media round session. The show host mentioned that he cried for Nini when she suddenly disappeared from the BBNAIJA  house.

The young Engineer quickly corrected the impression that he cried and sobbed for Nini when she was asked to play a prank on the housemates. He simply said, ” I did not cry for Nini.”

You would recall that the day the housemates discovered Nini’s disappearance from the house, he went to knock on the diary room door, asking Biggie to produce her.

He was also seen in the garden area alone, crying like a baby and asking what he would do with his life. Saga was moody and did not talk with his fellow housemates until they were given a task that brought him out of the mood.

Now that he has denied every crying for Nini, it is now confusing what made him cry that much when his love interest disappeared all of a sudden.

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