“Sell Your Pride, Kneel and Apologize to Anita to Save Your Marriage“ – Atasie advices Rudeboy

The Nigerian super star Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy might not be actually having the emotionally best part of his life following so many uncertainties coming from his families, first he got separated from his Twin brother Peter Okoye and here comes his loving wife Anita Okoye asking for divorce and N7.8m monthly.

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In the News, Here is an advice given to him from someone named Atasie – “Paul should sell his pride and apologize to Anita on bended kneels to save his family from crashing, I think this marriage is not worth separating!!.

Paul and Anita came through a long way, Paul should kneel and apologize, This woman has been there for him even when he had nothing.

Even if she demand for 7.8 Million spousal support…I don’t think that amount is too much.

Paul should pay the money or go on his kneels and apologize, No big deal in kneeling and apologising.

He should stop playing boss and raising shoulders…He should be humble this time.

It won’t take him more than 5 minutes to tender private and public apology to the woman that gave birth to his kids and to the world at large.

I don’t think Anita really need that money, All I’m seeing is a woman who want to humble the ego of her husband by using spousal monthly support method.

Paul should just Apologize or stand to pay that money, I don’t want to take side in this matter, Looking at this picture you should know that Paul owes Anita an Apology.

She might not be the Queen, but believe you me, Anita remains the crown.

She was there when nobody was there for Paul, She is a builder, a shoulder,a promoter,an angel throughout the season of Paul’s youthful days, Paul’s journey started with Anita and the world should acknowledge that… That’s all now

Paul has no other option than to go on his kneels and save his family or pay the shikini money…7.8 million is not even much.

Let him pay the money or beg Anita.”

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