“She Paid My School Fees”- Chief Imo Says As He Visits Woman Who Helped Him When He Was Poor

Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anochukwu popularly known as Chief Imo is a Nigerian comedian who uses his dialect to make funny video skits. He is from Imo State and he is married with kids.

Chief Imo recently visited a woman who paid his school when had nothing. The woman helped him when he was nobody so he went today to show his gratitude and to let the woman know that he has not forgotten what she did for him back in the days.

He wrote that the woman immediately paid his school fees then, when she found out that he was not going to school because of none payment of school fees. So he thought it needful to visit the woman with his family which includes his wife, twin brother, and sister. They went to the woman’s house with gifts like rapper and foodstuffs. They also sprayed money on the woman.

This is a very good act coming from comedian, chief Imo and it should be copied by all. Always remember people that helped and should you compassion when you had nothing or when you going through hard times. Show appreciation and gratitude when you obtain favour from people no matter how little. Return favours done to you, be like chief Imo.

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