Starting from monday, you are banned from head of house Room for 2 weeks – Biggie tells Maria and two others

The big brother Naija ‘Shine ya eyes’ season 6 reality show 2021 housemates were all seen seated in the arena hall this evening and big brother congratulated those who did well in the fashion show.

However, he said that there is still one more issue as he called on Maria and he also said to her that the ‘arena doors’ are now open and he asks her to go and get the house rules story.

As she went and came back with it, she was asked to read a section/paragraph aloud as regards the room’s laws.

When she was done, biggie said to her that she has infringed on the house rules by inviting two of her fellow female housemates, LiQuorose and Peace into the head of the house bedroom.

He also stated that such privilege has not been extended to her as the deputy head of house. It is on that note that he said that she can enjoy the three days left in the HOH as he on to say that starting from Monday she is automatically barred from the room and noted that the 2 other housemates are also going to face the same punishment.

Finally, big brother also said to them that whether they do win the HOH game or they were being selected as deputy, they will be sleeping in the common room with others.

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