Stop using poverty to test if a woman is a wife material – TV Star, Ebiteinye

Certain men believe that they would have to test the loyalty of their girlfriends by making them pass through difficult stages.

They eventually conclude that if such women behave strangely or leave them due to their supposed poverty situation, they are not good enough to be wife materials.

In the News, Reality TV star, Ebiteinye has advised that men should stop using poverty to check if their ladies are wife materials. She further stated that they should use money instead to know if their wives can manage it well.

This caused a lot of reactions online

Many would argue that the statement that Ebiteinye made shows that ladies ability to manage money should be what determines how they can be able to take care of their husbands.

When poverty is being used to test if a lady is wife material, some ladies may interpret it to mean that their men are setting them up for hardship.

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