Stop wasting time with the wrong person
you call them but they don’t pick up, they
find your missed calls but they don’t call
back, you text them but they never reply
to any of your messages, you always have
time for them but they are ever so busy for
you, you want to meet them and have some
mature talks with them but they are full of
excuses, you do everything possible to make
them happy but they don’t appreciate your effort,
you introduced them to your friends and family
but they have never introduced you to any
important person in their life, you are so proud
of them but they aren’t proud of you, you truly
love them but you aren’t sure if they love you
because they don’t show it, you want to spend
your future with them but they don’t like to talk
about future plans, you are doing everything
youcan to make the relationship work but they
all their best to make it end. Then why are you
with them? Why are you wasting your time and
energy on them? Honestly you deserve someone
better who will appreciate your effort and even
return your love.Stop wasting your time with that
wrong person. Get yourself together and move on.
I know it isn’t easy, but if you know your worth,
you’ll make it.

Hope I spoke to someone?

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