“The girl was sent by an adult to set the supermarket ablaze” – Nigerians react

In the News, about the 9-year-old suspect that set Prince Ebeano supermarket ablaze has been trending on social media lately. However, Nigerians react over the act the suspect displayed and they said there’s no way the suspect will master mind the act without anyone coaching her. Probably an adult sent her to set the supermarket ablaze because the suspect is too small to have such mind.

In the News, They also said if the suspect has not been to the supermarket, how did she know where to go? And where to get fire lighter she used? An adult is involve in the planning and I believe if they carry proper investigation she will confess the person that sent her.

Following the CCTV that was released you will believe the act was already planned because the way she walks straight to where the fire lighter was surprised everyone. Is unfortunate that the suspect was used to carryout the evil plot.

I think there’s more to this story and I believe if the security men investigate the matter properly they will get the right information and those that involve will be punish. However, some people said, there’s no need of putting CCTV if you can’t monitor it and had it been someone monitored the CCTV the damages shouldn’t have escalated to this extent.

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