The Johnson’s Actress SEUN OSIGBESAN Curses BOBRISKY For Saying “Being A Woman Paves Way For Him”

Nigerian actress, Seun Osigbesan, has reacted in disgust to popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, after his recent interview

The effeminate socialite spoke on how being a woman paved ways for him and how many women weren’t using their feminine powers

Seun reacted to the video by calling Bobrisky an agent of the devil as she prayed for the judgement of God to be upon him

Nollywood actress, Seun Osigbesan, has aired her displeasure at Bobrisky on social media after the popular crossdresser spoke on being a woman in a recent interview

While speaking with Chude Jideonwo, Bob noted that being a woman paved ways for him and people did not associate with him as much when he was a man because he didn’t have money.

In reaction to the video, Seun revealed her blatant disgust at the crossdresser and added that she did not understand him.

The actress went ahead to ask the crossdresser what he knew about being a woman and described him as a disgrace to manhood.

The film star seemed to be particularly upset about Bob saying women used what they had to get what they wanted. She then asked what exactly he was preaching about being a woman.

She wrote:

“This man is a disgrace to Manhood!!! What does he know about Being A Woman?

And what exactly does he mean by “I use what I have to get what I want”?

What exactly is he preaching about BEING A WOMAN? Does he mean being a man means being a slave? I really do not understand this. What exactly is he preaching?”

Not stopping there, Seun proceeded to lay curses on Bobrisky,  for being what she described as an agent of the devil.

According to the actress, the crossdresser was misleading a lot of people.

In her words:

“May the judgment of God come upon you for choosing to be an agent of the devil and misleading innocent lives.”

Social media users react

Seun Osigbesan’s heated rant about Bobrisky went viral on social media and members of the online community shared their mixed reactions.

Read some of their comments below:


“It’s the media giving him all these publicity that’ I have a problem. What positive influence has he in this our generation, why constantly put him on tabs, tuehh.”


“Finally somebody sensible said something.”


“You really don’t understand him and you’re cussing him out. You people ehn .”


“Resources”……this is actually an insult to womanhood though ‍♀️”


“She said what she said. Hypocritically woke generation, everyone supporting and rooting for the RISKY GENDER low key abi high key doesn’t want a SON like she is.

Double standards everywhere, Awon eyan Idris Jenner.”


I allow people talk about me, that’s what keeps me trending – Bobrisky says

It had earlier been  reported that during an interview with Chude, the effeminate celebrity admitted that he is not a woman and also noted that the different things being said about him keeps him relevant.

On the question of his gender, the effeminate figure truthfully admitted that he cannot call himself a woman but he wants to be a boss of his own, so he uses what he has to get what he wants.

He further disclosed that he allows people say anything about him because that is what keeps him in the news all the time and the moment he offers an explanation, he will cease to trend.

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