There Is No Man That Would Not Want To Have A Woman Like Me- Tega

Tega Dominic Ajeboh, an evicted Big Brother Naija contestant, has said that there is no man that would not want to have her beside him, stating that every guy in the house liked her.

She said this to journalists while speaking on her experience since leaving the competition on Sunday, pointing out that she did not have sex with Boma in the house, as they were just friends.

According to Tega, “I did not have sex with Boma in the house. Everything we did under the duvet was intentional; it was part of our strategy. If we had not been evicted on Sunday, perhaps the viewers would have got a clear picture of what we were trying to do. Since we were evicted, we went home with an uncompleted script”

She added, “We have always been friends and we had an understanding. Whatever it was (between us) ended in the house. He said it a couple of times that he liked me. Every guy in the house liked me and some of them said they wished I was not married. I’m a ‘guy’s girl’. There’s no man that would not want to have a woman like me beside him.”

Tega Dominic Ajeboh and Boma were evicted from the popular Big Brother Naija Television Show last Sunday

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