There will be no disrespect as far as i’m the head of house – Pere says (see fan’s reactions)

The Big brother “Shine your eye” Season head of house Pere have caused states with the way he is handling his position as HOH as Reactions trail on social media as Pere addressed the housemates after Maria and Queen’s fallout.

In the News, Pere is the current head of the house in the ongoing big brother Naija show. He called for an emergency meeting after Maria and Queen’s fight.

However, Pere says the housemates can disrespect him if he is not the head of the house. If he is just Pere. But the emblem on him signifies authority and power. So, there will be no disrespect from anyone as long as he is the head of the house.

Meanwhile, this got a lot of fans talking on social media, The first talking point was when he said am I clear and the housemates answered with Yes sir.

The second talking point was when he said the emblem on his neck comes with power and authority.

The third talking point was the shock on the faces of the housemates when he made the statement.

See fans reactions below:

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