Thief Breaks Into Car At 3am And Gets Caught By 6am After Falling Asleep in It, Photos Stir Mixed Reactions

A burglar broke into the car of a man named Gabby A BornRich on Facebook to steal some vital parts of the car

However, after the operation, the gentleman fell deeply asleep and was found at 6 am in the car still sleeping

Social media users found it hilarious as some thought the thief was lazy others marvelled at the level of damage done to the car

Gabby A BornRich, a Facebook user, has shared a hilarious story of how a burglar managed to enter his house, break into his car but could not escape before daytime.

Narrating the story in the popular facebook group, TroTro Diaries, Gabby said the suspect came for the operation at about three o’clock in the morning.

The burglar was able to unfix different parts of the car which he intended to go and sell as spare parts for money but unfortunately for him, he fell asleep shortly after his job was done.

“He feel deeply asleep after his operation, which everyone was shocked; my co-tenant saw him around 6:30 am while he was still sleeping,” Gabby indicated.

Social media reacts

Ampofo Francis Amoani said:

“But on a more serious note, the guy has really dismantle the car paa oo.”

Sarah Ewura-ama Quarshie-Assan mentioned:

“People will always doubt till it happens to them. My phone was stolen in Accra Central and the thieves kept calling my husband to tell me to come pick up my phone . They say the phone was hunting them. We just arranged a safe pick-up location and went for it bokoorrr.”

Stephen Nana Ahwireng Jnr indicated:

“All of a sudden, he forgot himself and thought he was at his workshop doing maintenance so he can pause and rest small. Lazy thief.”

Thief falls asleep after breaking into man’s house to rob

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man who broke into A house to rob had fallen asleep after switching on the AC.

Indian reported that the house owner, Jiam Prasert, in the province of Phetchabun woke up to the sight of a man fast asleep in his house.

Too bad for the thief, the man is also a police officer. The thief had earlier on been searching for a house to rob.

By the time he picked Jiam’s house as his mission, he had already become too tired. Getting into the home, he switched on the AC and went into a deep sleep.

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