“To Be Successful On BBN, Housemates Do Not Have To Act Irresponsibly”- Actress, Maryam Charles

Maryam Charles, an actress and producer, believes that Big Brother Naija residents do not need to act unethically in order to achieve credibility on the program and far beyond.

In response to those who think the performance is immoral, Charles said on Saturday Beats, “If you believe it is immoral, you are also overlooking the fact that many who participate in the show really alter their lives. It provides them with a better life and opportunity to prosper. And it does so in a short amount of time. That alone makes it significant to me. However, I am confident that housemates do not need to commit immoral acts in order to succeed.”

“I see why some people think the show is terrible if that’s the case. Housemates have a tendency to get carried away and forget where they came from.”

Charles, who had turned to social media to condemn a married female contestant, Tega, for some of the show’s behaviors, stated that wives should not participate.

The actress also said that society was being unjust by harshly punishing married women who stepped out of line on the show but doing nothing to reprimand married males who committed the same misdeeds.

“It is cynicism, and it alludes to a wider problem in society,” she added. “As if we were not human beings, women are supposed to follow the rules and be straight laced at all times. It’s complete nonsense.”

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