“Prince Kpokpogri Never Ever Saw Janemena’s Pant But We Dey Chop Him Money Steady”- Says kathy (Janemena’s sister)

Following Tonto Dikeh’s stunning admission today, Nigerians have dragged dancer Janemena and her sister Katty.

Tonto previously stated to the public that her estranged lover, Prince Kpokpogri, has Janemena’s sex recordings in his possession.

Katty attacked Tonto dikeh for calling out her sister and saying Kpokpogri also had her s*x videos in her reaction. She claimed that her sister was just interested in Kpokpogri’s money and never slept with him.

On social media she wrote;

“king Tonto or whichever u call urself. My dear cry for urself not Janemena because prince never ever saw Janemena pant but we chop him money steady so worry for ur n*de not Jane’s my dear. Karma is here to teach u a lesson. King wen no wise.

You sure have some nerves to drag Jane into your frustrated life Sha. U are mad. Get a life Tonto. Ur a disgrace. Ur first ok. We assume is was a mistake now the second una don land for court what will the third one be. Leave Jane alone she is not the cause of your problem you fool”.

Nigerians, on the other hand, have dragged Janemena’s sister, claiming that she simply verified the gist.

Meanwhile, after her ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogri challenged her, actress Tonto Dikeh agreed to take a drug test, stating that she would be happy to record the entire process.

In response to charges that he possessed sex videos of women he had slept with, Prince Kpokpogri disputed it all, claiming that it is prohibited to sleep with a married lady where he comes from, accusing her of being on drugs and asking her to show that she is not on drugs.

Tonto Dikeh, in response, contacted the appropriate Nigerian authorities, inquiring whether they had ever received an allegation of her being under the influence of drugs, stating that she would gladly appear and would be grateful if they would allow her to record the entire process.

Tonto Dikeh wants to prove to Prince Kpokpogri and everyone else who thinks she’s on drugs that she’s not, so she’s willing to set up an appointment and go through the entire procedure, as well as record it for everyone to see.

What do you think about Katty’s response? Did defend her sister, Janemena, well, or did she make things worse? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share.

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