Two yahoo boys sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and their properties seized

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has explained how they were able to arrest two young boys who are internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo boys

The young boys are Identified as Tobiloba Ibrahim Bakare and Alimi Seun Sikiru, they have both been sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crimes they committed.

That is not the only punishment that was given to the suspects, they were also made to forfeit the sum of N204,041,216, a Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Hilux, their 5 bedroom duplex that is located in Lekki and two other 4 bedroom semi detached duplex in Lekki, Lagos.

In the News, Mr Wilson Uwujaren the EFCC Spokesperson issued a statement on monday that states that the two boys were arrested by the EFCC for hacking emails of corporate organisations. The statement said that for many years now the two boys have been living the luxurious life, having fun and creating this role model image to the younger ones in the society.

They have been doing this with their huge mansions, their exquisite cars and expensive life style. They were living well and good in Lekki Lagos without thinking about the consequences of their fraudulent activities.

The source of their income was from the access they had to emails of different corporate organizations, this kind of fraud is Identified as Business Email compromise scam.

However, Bakare is Identified as the key to the crime or the head of the partnership, he had the skills of hacking into the organizations emails and compromising their finance. The boys were not careless when it came to their operations, they made sure not to leave any mistakes behind.

Sadly everybody has an achilles heel and it was just one particular transfer from one of the accounts that landed them into trouble. While the EFCC were going through some transactions that were made into the account of an internet fraudster Identified as Kehinde Adelakun, they came across the transfer of N5Million. The money was sent in from the account of a company owned by Sikiru Identified as Alvine International Resources ventures.

The EFCC began to suspect that particular transaction and that was what led them to the arrest of Tobiloba and Sikiru.

When they got arrested they could not provide and reasonable explanation as to the source of the money in their accounts. When they realized that they were in trouble they began to confess to the crimes.

The main suspect in the crime said he is a BEC fraudster whose job is to hack into emails, he also said he has made over a million US dollars from that particular crime, and he has done money laundering through real estate investments.

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