UNIZIK students embarks on protest over increase in school fees”

The Students of unizik today embark on serious protest over the increase in the price of their tution fee. 
Ever since the inception of the new vice Chancellor of Nnamdi azikwe University Prof esomone. This is the second time the vice Chancellor is increasing the Students school fees. And he has stayed bearly 3years in office. 
The Students who didn’t show much reaction to the initial school fees hike, took a different reactions to this year’s increase. 
The tenants of their protests is not only about the increase in school fees but also introduction of new payment of #6,000 for the orientation of new students. This has never been done in the history of the school, Because all orientation has been free from the beginning.

Some of the students are saying that the vice Chancellor does not have a clear vision for the school instead he is money cautious and wants to extort the students.
Some claims that the school Management are not considerate and there is a clear difference between federal institutions and private institution.  The school Management does not take the interest of the students and their parents at heart.

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