“What Hushpuppi did for me that made me love him” – Daddy freeze revealed

The Nigerian entertainment space has been filled with different raves and different faves. They range from your traditional actors and actresses to Reality TV stars, Instagram comedians, content creators and other lifestyle influencers. One of the most popular of the them is Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi. One of those who love him is Daddy Freeze.

In the News, Daddy Freeze who was speaking on the topic he captured ‘Hushpuppi and Bob Risky, can we love them‘ said he would rather be friends with those who showed him love when he needed it the most than those who wants him down. He however, started by revealing what he went through before meeting Hushpuppi.

Daddy Freeze: “I know many of you will come out to say ‘Daddy Freeze you are hanging out with a known fraudster’, you need to listen to this story of mine.

“In 2016 when I first started speaking out, I lost all my friends; starting first with the church people. Every celebrity that followed me, unfollowed except a few. This happened after my first controversy on tithing that brought me to the public.

“I remember when that Daddy Freeze committed adultery saga come up, someone attacked me saying ‘oh Daddy Freeze has skeleton in his cupboard when he is telling us not to pay tithe, let us see if he will not pay the tithe now’. Have I paid the N5m, I have the Grace of God.

“I lost many shows, I lost everything. I was depending on my Cool FM salary which I don’t even use before; that was the least of my income. By the time they were done with me, I was leaving like a civil servant”.

The broadcaster went as far as to mention some names including a pastors who left him. He also added that if he should calculate his tithes, it will amount N30m in 5yrs.

According to Daddy Freeze, a lady invited him to Dubai for a free event and when he got to Dubai, he said he tweeted “I am in Dubai”. Immediately Hushpuppi sent him a message for them to hangout. That was the first time they met. “Many people who were with me there said they want to come, but now they are accusing Hushpuppi now”, Daddy Freeze said.

He went further to say that Hushpuppi showed him love by hosting him in a big way. He added that he felt so happy after many people rejected him. Going further in the video, he also narrated how Hushpuppi hosted him again in Dubai.

He concluded that he loves Hushpuppi, but his career choice is not good. Daddy Freeze disclosed this in a live video on Facebook hours ago as he preached that we should love our neighbors.

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