William Uchemba Narrates How God Told Him To Alleviate Nigerians From Poverty

Popular Nollywood actor- Williams Uchemba- recently narrated how God had instructed him to come to Nigeria and deliver the people from poverty.

The Nollywood star took to Instagram on Thursday and narrated the story of how he received the instruction from God.

On his verified Instagram account, he wrote:

“I hate to break this to you but majority of the time, God’s plans look nothing like what you have planned for yourself. Let me tell you this little story. Few years ago, I was laying in my bed in California when I got an instruction, a very clear and sound instruction from God, to go to Nigeria and free people from poverty.

At first, I acted like I didn’t hear because in my head, God can’t tell me to leave the beautiful life he has given me and the little savings I have to enter the slums in Nigeria and help strangers I don’t even know.

One might ask, ‘how does God even talk to people?’ Well, one of the ways you know it’s God/ Holy Spirit talking is that he tells you what you know you can never tell yourself and what your flesh will not be comfortable with. The voice was constant for weeks so in order not to act as though I am disobeying, I started helping some few white people in the streets of Los Angeles( still have some of the videos on my page).

But I noticed that the more I do that, the more I feel guilty, empty, and out of line from God’s plan because it was not what I was instructed to do.

It took me two months to finally agree to travel to Nigeria and immediately I landed in Lagos, from nowhere a heavy compassion for the less privileged quadrupled in my heart.

I was thinking God will give me billions as he has asked me to help people but instead of money, he gave me a heart of compassion for the poor and before I knew it, I started to empty my account to help people.”

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