“Without Money Your Opinion Is Noise, But If You Have Money, What You Say Carries Weight”- Reno Omokri

Popular Nigerian human right activist and author Reno Omokri has taken to his official Instagram handle to explain the importance of money and its influence on one’s opinion. Reno Omokri said that many people will consider one’s opinion as noise if one does not have money.

But if one has little money and one talks, Reno Omokri said that one’s opinion will distract some people while some people will be scrolling their phone. However, he said that one’s opinion carries weight and even if one whispers, many people will try to catch one’s words and understand.

Reno Omokri condems this practice and he said that some family meetings follow this pattern. In order to avoid being underrated or ignored, Reno Omokri advised people to try to be successful but they should succeed legally.

He said: “Without money, your opinion is considered noise by many people. It should not so but it is a reality. But if you have money, your day carries weight. Even if you whisper, your relatives will strain to catch your words”.

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