“Yesterday’s Experience Is Why you should Need Multiple Streams Of Income”- Reno omokri Says

Popular Nigerian human right activist, businessman and author Reno Omokri has taken to his official Instagram handle to give few words of advice following the unexpected shut down of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The unexpected shut down the three popular social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp lasted for few hours before the platforms could be restored. Reno Omokri said that yesterday’s experience is lesson.

Reno Omokri said that yesterday’s experience is why one has to secure multiple streams of income because if one relies on one source of income, one may have financial problem if the one source of income one relies on crashes.

Besides, he also said that the way people gravitated from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to Twitter is the way people will gravitate away from one if one has a financial challenge.

He said: “…That is exactly how they will gravitate away from you if you crash financially. That is why you must prepare against a crash. Yesterday’s experience is also why you need multiple streams of income”.

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