“You’re supposed to be missing me but you ate two big moi-moi and a bowl of pap, after that you ate yam at night and noodles at midnight” – Nini tells Saga

Big Brother Naija house mate Nini has revealed the reasons why she said Saga is not a good friend, stating that Saga was supposed to be missing her but instead he was having a nice time.

In the News, The camera focused on Nini and Saga discussing in the changing room. Nini decided to engage Saga in a discussion about her disappearance.

You’re supposed to be missing me. But you ate two big Moi-Moi and a bowl of Pap. After that, you ate Yam at night and noodles at midnight. You’re not a good friend, Nini tells Saga.

As expected, Nini’s to Saga statement got a lot of comments from fans on social media.

Salem: This is what I don’t like about some ladies, they ignore the good things the man has done and then capitalized on the bad things.

Kemi: Saga needed strength for the tasks ahead. You can’t blame him, he is just a friend, not the main boyfriend.

Lateef: I knew the food would cause issues.

See how viewers reacted:

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