The INEC chairman have urge any political parties that doesn’t accept the result of the Nigeria 2023 president election to go as follow.

“I Say No to Cancellation of Results, this election is far from being perfect, just like many before it, but there’s no election in the recent history of this country that has thrown up so much upset like this one.

“If the least expected small parties had upstaged the big ones in their homestead, I don’t see the logic in insinuating malpractice where the big ones are leveraging advantage.

“I, therefore, say no to cancellation of the results. INEC should run the full course and let the process of redress take over afterwards.   We will survive this like every other.

“Proposing cancellation is defeatist, and I disagree with the proponents. You can’t celebrate your big wins in some places but challenging those of others in their supposed stronghold. Does it mean you approached the election with a degree of entitlement or mindset? That is double standards. Let everyone lick their wounds, at least, for now!”

– Prof Mahmood Yakubu Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)